Body care

The Phlov Active line has been designed for those searching for products as versatile and effective as themselves. Are you one of those people? Great! In order to meet your expectations, the experts of Phlov have developed multifunctional cosmetics which fit perfectly into the global trend of Active Beauty. It’s a holistic approach to the care – taking care not only of the skin but also of great mood. Thanks to that, the Phlov products prepare your body for the upcoming challenges – both sport and daily ones.

The cosmetics of Phlov Active work on multiple levels. From helping you to fight the negative effects of the air pollution and excessive stress to supporting detoxifying processes of your skin. They enhance cell oxygenation, which makes them a true shot of natural energy. Moreover, they firm, smooth and reduce the yoyo effect on the fat tissue level! All this based on top quality ingredients whose effectiveness has been proved with studies, and in line with the natural needs of your organism.

But that’s not everything. The products of Phlov Active are not only a passive training for your skin, but they also enhance the effects of the exercise you perform! You’re not a great fan of physical activity? No problem! Even though physical exercise and the effects of the active ingredients complement each other, you will feel the amazing effects of the ingredients also without any sports. That’s why you should let Phlov take over and see how our gels, scrubs and balms from the Active line will influence the quality of your life!

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